Since 1962, Farooq spinning collecting textile waste is one of the biggest textile industries in Pakistan. Collect all types of hard waste, cotton waste from spinning, denim and stitching companies and stocked in our own warehouse and sorted out different types waste according to customer needs with their entire satisfaction. Later 1992, we expand our business and started to export our products which can be used in making of some other fine textiles products by our buyers We just not think about our monetary benefits, we always keep in mind the stability of our buyers and make our full efforts to give them maximum relief, so they can purchase our products on regular basis and utilize it as they want that our business style.

Here below the detail descriptions of our cotton waste grades and textile fiber grades

Cotton Grades
•    Cotton Combers
•    Comber Noil
•    Cotton Roving (Cotton/PC)
•    Sliver
•    Pnuemafil (Cotton/PC)
•    Card Waste
•    Hard Waste (Cotton/PC)
•    Cotton Yarn Waste (Loom)
•    Card Web
•    Artificial Cotton Linters
•    Shoddy (Cotton/PC)
•    Card Fly (Pakistani)
•    Card Fly (Imported)
•    Lickrine
•    Dropping
•    Willow Dropping
•    Filter Waste
•    AC Fan
•    Ring Swipping

Textile and Fiber Waste Grades
•    Cotton Unbleached Thread waste
•    Bleached Hosiery clips
•    Blue / Black Denim Clips
•    Polyester thread waste
•    PP coloured thread waste